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ATLAS Double Pack CD-ROM for Windows

Atlas Double

ATLAS Double Pack - Japanese Translation for Windows

ATLAS is our recommended package for organizations seeking the highest quality machine translation software package for Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation. It processes text through a system of context-sensitive grammatical analysis and a unique "Concept Bridging Method" with a library of over 60,000 sentence templates to create sophisticated translations of target documents. The base dictionary now contains over 2.7 million words.

If you are also seeking Specialized Glossaries in Science, Law, Business and Engineering, then review the Super Pack which includes over 25 Specialized Glossaries.

Installation is simple and English instructions are now included.

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The ATLAS Double Pack Japanese-English Translation Program

The highest translation standard

ATLAS is high quality machine translation software for Japanese to English and English to Japanese. ATLAS has a sophisticated content-sensitive translation engine and comprehensive standard dictionary that contains:
  • 910,000 words for English to Japanese
  • 890,000 words for Japanese to English

A variety of Functions

ATLAS offers plugins that provide seamless translations for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and Internet Explorer, and others.

Translation Memory

Translation memory stores translation examples consisting of paired original and translated sentences. ATLAS uses a "fuzzy match" technology that will find not only 100% matches but also similar sentences. Translation memory is most effective for translating documents containing identical or similar sentences such as manuals.

Translation Samples

Note: Japanese fonts must be installed on your system in order to view these pages.

On this page are samples of ATLAS translations of normal text.
On this page are samples of ATLAS translations of technical writings.

Screen Shots

Atlas screenshot sample Atlas screenshot sample


System Requirements

Note: Atlas runs under the English version of Windows.

  • XP
  • Vista
  • Windows 7

You will have the option to install menu commands in either English or Japanese.

This product will integrate seamlessly into -

  • MS Office 2000
  • MS Office XP
  • MS Office 2003
  • MS Office 2007
  • MS Office 2010

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ATLAS Double Pack for Windows XP/Vista/Win7
Contains both the English-to-Japanese and the Japanese-to-English translation systems in one package.

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Atlas Double Pack Upgrade
This is an upgrade to v14 is for any Atlas Double Pack previous version of v10 through V13.



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