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Bill Gates

 Microsoft Corporation


 Pick your favorite geek: Napoleon Dynamite or Bill Gates?


Seeking to capitalize on the popularity of the 2004 cult movie "Napoleon Dynamite", Microsoft Corp. Tuesday screened a video spoof for software developers in which the film's celebrated anti-hero reports to work as a programmer for the world's largest software maker.


In a face-off between the two nerd icons, Jon Heder, the actor who plays Napoleon Dynamite, beats Gates in a slapping match to become the head of the software giant.


Gates is shown recruiting Heder's fictional character, after which they are seen together in ill-fitting brown suits on Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington.


In the last scene of the video spoof, Gates is seen scurrying into the office of his boss, Napoleon Dynamite.


Microsoft often uses major events to poke fun at its competitive business culture and and its hands-on chairman, Gates, the company's largest individual shareholder and the world's richest man with an estimated net worth of more than $48 billion.


Microsoft showed developers preliminary versions of its upgrades of its flagship Windows and Office programs to software developers at this weeks' conference in Los Angeles.





 あなたの大好きなガリ勉を選びなさい:ナポレオン Dynamite あるいはビル・ゲイツ?


2004年のカルトムービー「ナポレオンダイナマイト」、マイクロソフト株式会社の人気をフルに利用しようと努める。 火曜日がビデオ偽アドレス電子メールをフィルムの有名な平凡な主人公が世界の最も大きいソフトウェアメーカーのために着ているデベロッパーがプログラマーとして働くと伝えるソフトウェアの有無について調べた。


2つの間抜けアイコンの間に対決で、ジョン Heder 、ナポレオン Dynamite を演ずる俳優、はソフトウェア大手の長になるためにたたいているマッチでゲイツを負かす。


ゲイツはそれの後に(彼・それ)らがレッドモンド、ワシントンでマイクロソフトのキャンパスの上に病気である - フィットする茶色のスーツを着て一緒に見られる Heder の架空の人物を入れて見せられる。


ビデオ揶揄の最後の光景で、ゲイツは彼の上司、ナポレオン Dynamite のオフィスの中に素早く動いているのを見られる。




マイクロソフトはロサンゼルスでこの何週間もの会議でソフトウェア開発業者にデベロッパーにその旗艦 Windows とオフィスプログラムのそのアップグレードの予備のバージョンを見せた。


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Sample Translation for Japanese to English

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Web posted at:  20:36  JST



(CNN) 今年6月1日から北大西洋で発生した熱帯低気圧の個数は、今月20日までに17個に達した。米海洋大気局(NOAA)のハリケーンセンターは毎年、熱帯低気圧に付ける名前を21個準備しているが、残り4個となり、ハリケーン・シーズンが終了する11月30日までに、名前が足りなくなる可能性が出てきた。















A tropical cyclone of North Atlantic Ocean, this season are lacking in "a name" with a lot of outbreak?


Web posted at:  20:36  JST



(CNN) the number of the tropical cyclone which occurred in North Atlantic Ocean from June 1, this year reached 17 by this month 20. A hurricane center fielder of U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) prepared 21 names to attach to every year, a tropical cyclone, but, by November 30 when I stayed, and four neighbors, a hurricane season were finished, the possibility that I came to lack a name came out. 


Hurricane center sets low pressures more than wind velocity 17 meters to occur in North Atlantic Ocean with "a tropical cyclone" and names outbreak order. Among tropical cyclones, I call a thing beyond maximum wind velocity 33 meters "a hurricane". 


A name to prepare chooses a name of man and woman with alphabetical order in turn. But, as for the person's name to begin in "Q" "U" "X" "Y" "Z", as for the name to begin in this alphabet, it is used because there are few numbers. 


When 126 for six years in total are prepared and finish using a tropical cyclone or a name of a hurricane till the last, I come back to the first name, and it is used again. But I take off the name from a list of use when scale brought the serious damage greatly very much. 


For example, hurricane "Andrew" whom a dead person of more than 20 appeared in State of U.S.A. Florida and the Bahamas in 1992 and "Isabelle" in 2003, "Ivan" in 04 are finished with exclusion. It is said that "Katrina" certainly becomes the same example. 


According to the hurricane center, the 17th "Rita" occurs this month by September 20. By the end of November when a tropical cyclone was easy to occur, I left the above for two months more, and, as for the name to be able to use, it was it with 4 of "Stan" "Theresa" "Victor" "Wanda". 


On this account a name isn't enough when tropical cyclones more than 5 will have occurred in future. In this case I am said to use "alpha" of Greek characters without naming it newly. A tropical cyclone after "alpha" becomes "beta" "gamma" "delta" sequentially. 


According to the hurricane center, it was 21 plans of 1933 till now that most tropical cyclones occurred.  Bottom of Form


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