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Dagesh Software

Dagesh is from TES, the world's largest developer and distributor of Judaic, Hebrew and Bible educational software. TES maintains tech-support teams in Jerusalem and New York, plus programming and development units in Jerusalem.

Feel free to contact us with any questions not covered by our comprehensive product description pages.

Dagesh Professional OCR

Dagesh Professional OCR

Dagesh Pro OCR is the fastest, easiest way to turn paper documents in various languages including Hebrew, into computer files you can edit. Based on the Ligature OCR engine, the product's superior accuracy will allow you to eliminate retyping, saving time and increasing productivity.

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Dagesh Professional OCR SoftwareInfo$399.00Buy Now
Dagesh Professional Translation Software

Dagesh Professional Translation Software

Dagesh Pro Translation will instantly translate documents from Hebrew to English or English to Hebrew. The program can handle all types of documents from manuscripts to greeting cards. Easy to install and use, this program will be one of your favorites!

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Dagesh Professional Translation Software for HebrewInfo$199.00Buy Now
Dagesh Professional Word Processor

Dagesh Professional Word Processor

On of the best Hebrew word processors just got (MUCH) better! Just some of the new features: Wrap around graphics, background graphics, split and merge cells in tables, Cantillation Marks (trop), Automatic nikud with user-adjustable nikud location, Microsoft Word filter, Save to HTML, Horizontal and Vertical Rulers, 600 New Templates, Interactive real-time spell-checking (as you type!)...PLUS new Windows XP interface, many more new features and enhancements!

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Dagesh Professional Word Processor Info$189.00Buy Now


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