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  1. Can I translate a document with pictures in it?
    Yes! Some programs such as SYSTRAN can preserve the formatting of a document, in others you may ha...
  2. How can I spell check a foreign document?
    Some translation packages have spell check features. For English we have Cortext, for French there...
  3. Can I type a document in a foreign language using translation software?
    You may be able to type in the language(s) that the translation program uses. Also, your translati...
  4. How do these translation programs operate? Are they easy to use?
    Translation software is as easy to operate as common word processing programs. First, you need to ...
  5. Can I add words and phrases to the dictionary of translation programs?
    Most of the programs we sell allow you to add words or change the meaning of existing words. This ...
  6. Can I translate web pages and e-mail?
    Yes! Several of the programs we sell allow you to translate web pages and/or e-mail directly. Othe...
  7. What quality of translation can I expect from translation software?
    This depends on many factors such as the translation program, the type of translation, the grammar...
  8. How can I translate letters and other paper documents with my computer?
    You can scan it using optical character recognition (OCR) software and then use a translation pr...
  9. What is "word by word" translation?
    Word by word translation translates each word or phrase that it understands, but does not take gra...
  10. How can I improve the accuracy of machine translation?
    The best way to improve the accuracy of machine translation is to pay close attention to the sourc...
  11. Who makes the most accurate machine translation software?
    Each language pair may have one or more software solutions that work best for a particular case. Fee...
  12. What is machine translation?
    Machine translation is also called "automatic translation" or simply translation software. Machine...

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