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@promt 7.0 Translation Software

Promt 7

@promt 7.0 Professional Translation Software for Windows

@promt Professional 7.0 is translation software that performs high-quality, effective and fast translation of business documents, technical documents, emails, presentations, reports, PDF-documents and image files providing users with a wide range of customization options. The complete solution for work with multilingual documents in an office or on a business trip. @promt Professional 7.0  translates between

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • (Brazilian Portuguese also available)

The software suite offers enhanced customization and adjustment options along with the integrated learning abilities of Translation Memory. @promt Professional 7.0 integrates translation toolbar into Microsoft® Office 2000-2003 applications, translates image files, web sites and even XML documents. The extended integration and customization capabilities make this product a flagship of @promt 7.0 Family.

About @promt 7.0

@promt Professional 7.0 is a high-functional desktop translation system with advanced customization options and intellectual self-training capabilities. This system satisfies most needs referring to multilingual written communication, competitive intelligence and docflow processing in the organizations.

It therefore is welcomed in the offices of:

  • Multinational corporations
  • Manufacturers selling internationally
  • Media agencies with worldwide services
  • State departments and ministries
  • Institutions for international cooperation and research

@promt Professional 7.0 features:

  • Translation in any of Microsoft Office applications
  • Batch File Translation mode
  • Online translation of Web-sites directly in the browser
  • Translation of search queries with linking those to most popular search engines for processing
  • Translation of PDF documents directly in Adobe Acrobat 4.x/5.x and Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.x/5.x
  • Translation of image files. @promt Professional 7.0 can easily open any PDF, TIFF, JPG and other image files, convert their text content into electronic text preserving layout and translate it.
  • Built-in technology of Associated Memory (a kind of translation memory database integrated with machine translation system)
  • Text-To-Speech (TTS) support
  • Clipboard translation in any Windows application
  • Number of specialized dictionaries included*
  • Powerful customization options allowing:
    • Creating and editing user dictionaries
    • Attaching specialized dictionaries
    • Ranking document dictionaries by priority according to the topic context
    • Saving personal settings in topic templates
    • Backing up personal customization settings

@promt Professional 7.0  translates between English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian languages.
This program can be purchased with English or German interface.

* The number of specialized dictionaries included into the package depends on the language pair. Please see list of dictionaries below.


Translation Directions: Choose Any Direction

@promt Professional 7.0 is available now for any of the 9 language pairs. The volumes of general dictionaries (number of words and word combinations), are as follows:

English-Spanish-English - 572 000;
English-French-English - 610 000;
English-German-English - 700 000;
English-Portuguese*-English - 460 000;
English-Russian-English - 850 000;
French-Spanish-French - 338 000;
German-Russian-German - 1 000 000;
French-Russian-French - 780 000;
Spanish-Russian-Spanish - 590 000.

*Brazilian Portuguese is also available.

Installing the software you will be able to choose one language pair from those available on the disc (e.g., English-Spanish-English or English-Portuguese-English). Thanks to the new technology applied in @promt 7.0 it has become quite easy and cost-effective for you to purchase an additional language pair, which you can choose from the list above**.
** Only for box sets

Now the list of specialized dictionaries supplied with the software includes seven dictionary titles for the following topics: Business, Computer, Internet, Law, Travel, Technical and Medicine (the four latter titles are new).

@promt 7.0 vs. @promt 2004: What’s New

The previous version @promt 2004 was released last year. What’s new in @promt 7.0? Read more about the most important new features of @promt 7.0 translation software family in the PDF document below:

@promt 2004 vs @promt 7.0 Comparison


@promt Professional 7.0 at a Quick Glance

  • Newest and advanced translation algorithms and revolutionary dictionary architecture;
  • Linguistic Environment for Enhanced Editing Ease;
  • Full integration with all Microsoft® Office 2000/XP/2003 applications;
  • Image Files Translation (PDF, BMP, JPG, etc);
  • Powerful Set of Customization Tools;
  • Translation Memory for the Highest Accuracy;
  • Option of Batch File Translation.


@promt Professional 7.0 Features & Screen Shots

Accurate and High Speed Translation
The @promt Professional 7.0 translation software provides comprehensible and cost-effective translation of documents with one mouse-click in automatic mode. The best in industry linguistic algorithms and multidimensional dictionary architecture ensure the highest translation quality in the world.
The software translates at speeds as fast as one 60-page document per minute (in batch mode).

Click the image to see a large picture!

Fig. 1. PROMT Linguistic Editor – the powerful translation environment.

2. Integration Capabilities

  • Translation of Word & Excel documents, E-mails, PowerPoint presentations and Web sites.
    Special plug-ins completely integrate translation options into Microsoft® Office 2000/XP/2003 Word, Excel, Outlook®, PowerPoint® and FrontPage® applications.

    Fig. 2. Translate documents without leaving MS Word window!

  • Translation of image files.
    The built-in Readiris OCR*** software from Image Recognition Integrated Systems S.A. Company (I.R.I.S.) enables translation of image files. Thus, @promt Professional 7.0 could easily open any PDF, TIFF, JPG and other image files, convert their text content into electronic text preserving layout and translate it.

    ***OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, the computer technology for recognition of characters in printed documents or graphic files.

  • Web site translation.
    @promt Professional 7.0 integrates translation function into Microsoft® Internet Explorer so that any web page can be easily translated "on-the-fly" in online mode. Translation of a web page takes as much time as loading it. The other important point is that the web site layout is preserved, so that hyperlinks can be used for further navigation.

    Fig. 3. Web site translation in online mode.

  • XML translation.
    Special plug-in for Microsoft® Word 2003 enables translation of any XML documents. This feature is also available in File Translator for batch XML documents translations.

3. Batch File Translation
The option of Batch File Translation is now available in @promt Professional 7.0. Users of the program will receive a special tool intended for translating a group of text files in a batch mode. Its convenient and simple interface allows you to generate the queue from text files to be translated and specify files for entering translations. You can run this application directly from the command line.

4. Associated Memory Manager
The Manager of Associated Memory (AM) translation databases allows you to create, delete and manually edit AM translation bases for any direction of translation, and also perform a search of entries in the base. The AM translation base is a module which is similar to a simplified system of a Translation Memory class. The module is intended for saving text segments along with their translations in a base of a certain format in order to use them subsequently while translating in the PROMT linguistic editor. It allows you to considerably reduce the size of editing for the repeating text segments.

5. Professional Customization Tools
@promt Professional 7.0 provides an extensive set of customization tools including those for:

  • Creating user dictionaries;
  • Building lists of preserved & unknown words;
  • Adding PROMT specialized dictionaries in order to guarantee the highest quality translation. Now the list of specialized dictionaries delivered with the software includes up to six dictionary titles for different translation directions: Business, Computer, Law, Internet, Travel and Technical (the three last titles are new).

Special built-in editing help includes the following options:

  • Terms not found. Easy-to-see flagging of terms not found in your dictionaries;
  • Word identifier. Automatic source/target identification with a simple mouse click;
  • Alternative translations can be shown immediately on screen for better text editing.

    Fig. 4. The customization tools to enhance translation accuracy.

    New! Now @promt Professional 7.0 includes a Large Electronic Dictionary as a Stand-Alone Application for all the available translation directions - up to 1,000,000 words and word collocations with translations, up to 100 topics depending on the translation direction. As a result the user gets the translation software along with the Electronic Dictionary which can be used separately as well.

    Fig. 5.
    Stand-alone Electronic Dictionary is filled up with a lot of translations for a great number of words and word collocations for every translation direction delivered.


System Requirements

To use @promt Professional 7.0 you need:

  • PC with Pentium 166 or faster processor;
  • 64 Mb RAM;
  • 340 Mb disk space available;
  • Microsoft® Windows 98/Me/NT with SP6 /2000/XP*;
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x.

*with Russian language support for language pairs including Russian.


Pricing and Availability

Language pairs listed above, you choose one language pair to install after purchase.
Title Product ID Price Purchase Online
@promt Professional 08247 $295 View Cart


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