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ProMT Expert 7.0 Translation Software

Promt Expert 7

ProMT Expert 7.0 Translation Software for Windows

The suite includes all the features of ProMT Professional 7.0 system plus a wide range of professional tools: extended functions to work with dictionary bases, terminology mining, integration capabilities with TRADOS TM solutions, etc. The product is intended for professional translators and organizations that have to translate large volumes of documents, require a more-than-average customization for the translation software, deploy their own terminology and glossaries, use Translation Memory software and would like to implement the machine translation software to their corporate information exchange on the day-by-day basis.

Dictionary Volume

The translation directions available, along with volumes of general dictionaries (number of words and word combinations), are as follows:

  • English-Spanish-English 572 000;
  • English-French-English 610 000;
  • English-German-English 700 000;
  • English-Portuguese(Brazilian and Continental)-English 460 000;
  • English-Russian-English 850 000;
  • French-Spanish-French 338 000;
  • German-Russian-German 1 000 000;
  • French-Russian-French 780 000;
  • Spanish-Russian-Spanish 590 000.

For language pairs available with non-English interface, please contact us.

Installing the software you will be able to choose one language pair from those available on the disc (e.g., English-Spanish-English or English-Portuguese-English). Thanks to the new technology applied in ProMT 7.0 it has become quite easy and cost-effective for you to purchase an additional language pair, which you can choose from the list above*.

Please indicate language pair, and language interface at time of order.

* Only for box sets

ProMT Expert 7.0 at a Quick Glance

  • High Grade Suite of Translation Software;
  • Professional Set of Customization Tools and Utilities;
  • Automated Dictionary Construction.
  • TM TRADOS® Integration;
  • Terminology Mining;
  • Microsoft® Office 2000/XP/2003 Documents Translation;
  • Image Files Translation (PDF, BMP, JPG, etc., with OCR plugin);
  • Batch File Translation Mode.

ProMT Expert 7.0 Features & Benefits

1. Powerful Linguistic Editor

ProMT Expert 7.0 is the most elaborate program of the ProMT 7.0 translation software Family that concentrates all the achievements and innovations of the PROMT translation technology. - The user can translate documents and image files, make the customization operations such as attaching specialized or user dictionaries, attaching translation memory databases, converting lists of words and their translations into user dictionaries and apply many other adjustment options in order to receive the highest translation quality.
The source text and translation are synchronized at the word level, which helps to control translation process and edit the translation.

Click the image to see a large picture!

Fig. 1. PROMT Linguistic Editor – the powerful tool for professional translators.

Fig. 2. The original layout is fully preserved.

2. Automated Dictionary Construction**

ProMT Expert 7.0 offers the new feature "Automated Dictionary Construction" which automates the process of adding original words and their translations from existing user glossaries (e.g., tables with words and their translations) into user dictionaries or creating new ones for ProMT Family 7.0 translation systems in fully automatic mode. The grammatical information, such as the part of speech, the inflection type of the words (collocations) and their translations, and etc. is determined automatically using all knowledge cumulative in dictionaries of all language pairs.

**Only for language pairs: English<>German, English<>French, English<>Spanish and French<>Spanish.

3. Integration with Translation Memory databases.

Integration between Machine Translation and Translation Memory systems results in higher translation productivity because the routine operations of manual translation and text post-editing are almost excluded. The special program PROMT for TRADOS® (P4T) makes it possible to transfer text segments that were not found in the Translation Memory Database of TRADOS® software to ProMT Expert 7.0 for translation and then return the machine-translated fragments back into Translation Memory Database.

4. Terminology Mining

The ProMT Expert 7.0 program includes special application for automatic terminology extraction - PROMT Terminology Manager. The program provides wide possibilities of controlling the mechanisms of terminology extraction and handling the list of words being counted as terminology candidates. Integration with machine translation and translation memory systems (Trados®) allows making the search for translation equivalents in both translation memory databases and specialized and / or user dictionaries, obtain the automated translation of selected terminology candidates and supplement user dictionaries directly from the PROMT Terminology Manager application.

5. Batch File Translation

The option of Batch File Translation is intended for translating a group of files in a batch mode. Its convenient and simple interface allows you to generate the queue of files to be translated; accordingly, the tool allows the user to automate the translation of large volumes of files without direct interference of the user. As the module has both the windows and command line interface, the automation becomes as easy to make as never before.

6. Associated Memory Manager

The Manager of Associated Memory (AM) in-built translation databases allows you to create, delete and manually edit AM translation bases for any direction of translation, and also perform a search of entries in the base. The AM translation base is a module which is similar to a simplified system of a Translation Memory class. The module is intended for saving text segments along with their translations in a base of a certain format in order to use them subsequently while translating in the PROMT linguistic editor. It allows you to considerably reduce the size of editing for the repeating text segments.

7. Customization Options

ProMT Expert 7.0 provides an extensive set of customization tools to enhance the translation accuracy of the subject specific texts. These tools include those for:

  • Creating user dictionaries. The special utility to conduct all the operations of creating, editing, viewing, or deleting user dictionaries is provided.
  • Creating Specialized dictionaries. The special utility serves for converting the user dictionaries and / or topic templates to Specialized dictionaries, which can later be used together with any of the ProMT Software, including the corporate solutions like ProMT NET Professional, or PROMT Intranet Translation Server.
  • Building lists of preserved words to enhance translation quality.
  • Adding PROMT specialized dictionaries in order to guarantee the highest quality translation*.

Special built-in editing help includes the following options:

  • Terms not found. Easy-to-see flagging of terms not found in your dictionaries;
  • Word identifier. Automatic source/target identification with a simple mouse click;
  • Alternative translations are shown immediately on screen;
  • Listen to Your Translation due to Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology support.

*Now the list of specialized dictionaries delivered with the software includes seven dictionary titles for different translation directions: Business, Computer, Law, Internet, Travel, Technical and Medicine (the four last titles are new).

Click the image to see a large picture!

Fig. 3. Dictionary Editor – make the user dictionary to be a powerful customization tool.

Fig. 4. Customization Options to increase translation accuracy.

Professionals Recommend

ProMT Expert 7.0 delivers super translation quality and extra integration capabilities right out of the box.

Localization Focus
" ProMT Expert... will certainly be a great help in the translation of large volumes of documentation."

Multilingual Computing and Technology
" ProMT Expert is a much more professional package than most of its competitors."

To use ProMT Expert 7.0 you need:

  • PC with Pentium 166 or faster processor;
  • 64 Mb RAM;
  • 340 Mb disk space available;
  • Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT with SP6 /2000/XP***;
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x

***with Russian language support for language pairs including Russian.

Buy Boxed version

A boxed software package includes CD and documentation shipped to the address specified by customer.

Pricing and Availability

Language pairs listed above, you choose one language pair to install after purchase. Please mark in comments language pair and interface language.

Title Product ID Price Purchase Online
@promt Expert 8461 $595 View Cart
Title Product ID Price Purchase Online
@promt Expert - Additional Language 8463 $195 View Cart


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