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Translate 2007 CD-ROM for Windows


Translate 2007 (European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Other Languages)

Finally an automatic translation package is available in an affordable and with high accuracy which snaps into the Microsoft desktop application. This package includes every feature you will ever need. It can translate all of these formats —Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. All it provides complete features to Internet Explorer. For all other applications it is easy to ‘Copy and Paste’.

Some unique other features of this product are –

  • Mirror-Back translations
  • A Stand-Alone interface
  • Instant Messaging (IM) capabilities

Translate 2007 is available in two basic Editions –

  • The "Personal Edition" for non-technical content or home users.
  • "Pro/Business Edition" for business or academic users who need the highest quality results and user dictionary customization.



CD-ROM for Windows
Available Languages:

Spanish <=> English, Dutch <=> English, French <=> English, German <=> English, Italian <=> English, Polish <=> English, Portuguese <=> English, Simplified Chinese <=> English, Traditional Chinese <=> English, Japanese <=> English, Korean <=> English, Russian <=> English, Swedish <=> English, Arabic <=> English, Indonesian<=>English, Pashto <=>English, Persian <=>English, Tagalog <=>English, Turkish <=> English, Ukrainian <=> English - Available to purchase in language pairs

Target Audience
Business, Educational, Government
Machine Translation, Translation Memory
Aproximately 80% depending on source text
CD-ROM, Registration Card, Manual

Translate 2007 Personal Features

  • Use LogoTrans to translate as you type - a few sentences, a few paragraphs, or a small text file. Simply type in the top box and the translation appears at the bottom. Its two panes let you compare the original text and translation. This is the most popular way to use the program.

  • Use TransIt to translate a sentence or two and pop them into another application. TransIt is great for translating each chat or instant message as soon as you write it, and you can use the new TransView window to instantly translate arriving messages into a more familiar language.
  • Use Translation Mirror to make sure your messages are as accurate as possible before you send them. If you can understand the "mirrored" translation, then so can the recipient of the translated text.
  • Use FileTrans to generate batch translation of files or folders, including HTML. Drag a file or directory icon onto the FileTrans window and the translation is automatic. You can even select which file types are to be translated, copied, or ignored.

Translate 2007 Business Features

Includes all of the features of the Personal Edition plus it comes with Business Specific Glossaries.

This version increases the capabilities of what was previously possible with commercial translation software packages.

Translate 2007 Professional Features

The Professional version of Translate 2007 features - increased accuracy and a Tool Set intended for Business use or Research and Educational use. The program is more accurate because it allows the ability to add new words and even short phrases to the user dictionaries. This version really stretches the limits of what was previously possible with commercial translation software packages.

The critical and important feature of the Professional Edition of Translate 2007 is your ability to create Customizable User-Defined Dictionaries. You can add words and short phrases to give the software more accuracy and the ability to "learn" from previous translations.

Translate Pro contains System Dictionaries with over 35,000 entries.

There are 118,000 terms in each of the Subject Dictionaries on the following subjects:

  • Business
  • Computers
  • Ecology
  • Military
  • Technology


If you understand that no translation software is 100% accurate, but you want software that beats the "free online" web translators, then you cannot go wrong with these software package.

We believe this is one of the best deal in translation software right now.

Feel free to contact us for more details on these service areas which are also available directly from translation.net on this product.–

  • Product Training
  • Product Installation/Implementation of the software.
  • Consulting on your translation projects.

Please contact us for further details or questions on this product.

System Requirements


Intel Pentium / Athlon Processor or better


128 Mb minimum

Disk space

80 Mb minimum per language pair (bidirectional)


Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and up

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
  Microsoft Windows ME
  Microsoft Windows NT
  Microsoft Windows 2000
  Microsoft Windows 98

Site Licensing & Volume Licensing

To buy licenses for several computers or for more configurations, please contact us.




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